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Plan your web maintenance tasks with our free checklist

Mark the tasks you have already done on each of your websites and avoid forgetfulness and time loss. Get organized and take your web maintenance services to the next level.
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    Mantenimiento web Modular Checklist
    Why is web maintenance important?
    Web maintenance is crucial for several reasons. First, because it ensures that a website remains up-to-date and functions optimally. This is important because if you offer web maintenance services and your client’s website goes down, let us tell you, you are going to have a big problem.
    With good maintenance, you will prevent these things from happening, identifying and solving technical problems before they become major issues.

    Secondly, because it is essential for security. Since websites, especially those made with WordPress, are subject to multiple attacks. Thus, web maintenance usually includes software updates and the application of security patches.

    In conclusion, web maintenance will ensure that sites are always cared for, up-to-date, and operational.

    Is it necessary to use a maintenance checklist?
    When you have a large number of websites to manage, a maintenance task checklist is a fundamental tool.

    It allows you to be more efficient and have everything better organized to ensure that all the essential tasks are performed regularly, ensuring that each of those websites will be updated and secure.

    With this checklist, you will verify the following tasks:

    • Updates of plugins, themes, and WordPress
    • Backups
    • Security analysis
    • Link review
    • Database cleaning
    • Performance analysis
    • Form review

    In this way, you will save more time and also reduce the possibility of omitting crucial tasks. You can set clear priorities and avoid potential forgetfulness among the numerous tasks you have in progress.
    In addition, it facilitates the coordination of activities, ensuring that critical updates are carried out and avoid problems in the functioning of the website.

    In the end, the goal is to save time and offer the best web maintenance service. As a complement, you can use Modular, which allows you to manage all your WordPress websites from one place.

    How does this maintenance task checklist work?
    This Google Sheets document, which can also be downloaded in Excel, allows you to monitor all the maintenance tasks of the different websites you manage. Considering that web maintenance should be done monthly, we have provided as many sheets as there are months in the year.

    You will be able to mark what tasks you have performed on your websites in each specific month, being able to choose between “Not done”, “In progress”, “Done” or “Error”.

    We have outlined the most common web maintenance tasks: plugin updates, theme updates, WordPress core updates, backups, security analysis, link and form reviews, database cleanup, and performance analysis. However, if you want to add comments on each task or website, you have specific fields to do so.

    Checklist mantenimiento web Modular
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