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We’re going to tell you why you should switch from MainWP:

  • MainWP is a self-hosted tool. Which means that you have to have it installed on your server and updated, with the burden and responsibility that entails. Modular is 100% in the cloud and we take care of everything for you.


  • The MainWP interface has been almost unchanged for years, with an outdated design and UX that waste a lot of time on a day-to-day basis. In Modular you will find an intuitive and Moderna panel to do everything in just a couple of clicks.


  • MainWP, like the rest of the alternatives, does not even want to see Spanish-speaking users. No website, no application or support in Spanish. Modular was born in León, Spain. And it offers all its service natively in Spanish.


  • MainWP requires that you install at least two different plugins and bases many of its functionalities on integrations with other plugins that you must also install. With the risk that entails that the consumption of resources and the loading time of your website increase.

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Differences between MainWP and Modular

Both tools pursue the same goal. Make it easy to manage all your WordPress websites from a single centralized dashboard. And MainWP was one of the pioneers in doing so, there is no doubt.

However, with Modular we want to go much further.
Not only by improving and modernizing all the functionalities offered by MainWP and that in many cases have not evolved for years. If not, we intend to become a tool where everything related to a web project can be centralized.

Both the technical maintenance part of the website and the management of your customers and the problems that arise from it on a day-to-day basis.

In addition, we want to do it hand in hand with our users, and that’s why the constant feedback we get from them is helping us to build the best possible tool and to move much faster than the rest of the alternatives.

If, as some of them have used MainWP before, we are going to tell you why Modular is the best alternative on the market.

Comparison of functionalities

We have listened to more than 100 agencies and professionals in Spain and Latin America to find out how they work, their needs and difficulties, which is why we know that Modular is the solution that best suits your needs.

Modular vs MainWP EN


With MainWP you have a PRO plan of the tool for $29 per month that includes the different integrations with other plugins. However, if you want to take full advantage of these tools, in many cases, you will also have to hire the paid versions of these plugins.

With Modular you have a monthly plan with a fixed price that includes all the functionalities. What’s more, it scales with you. The more websites you have connected, the cheaper each one will be with Modular. No add-ons of any kind.

Reasons to use Modular as an alternative to MainWP

If all of the above sounds good to you, we are going to give you a list of reasons why you should consider using Modular as your tool to take the management of the maintenance of your websites to the next level:

All-in-one tool

Our goal is to create a complete tool for you to manage the maintenance of all your websites and the relationship with your customers. Because both of these things are important. And that you can do it from a single intuitive and easy-to-use application.

The first for professionals in Spain and Latin America

Until Modular arrived there was no alternative to MainWP in Spanish. There were only tools in English or, at most, French. No websites in our language, no applications and much less support. But that's over.

Grow with us

This is just the beginning and we want you to help us evolve and improve the tool to make it the best option for web designers and developers. Will you join us in this challenge?

Made by people like you

Behind Modular we are a group of WordPress lovers. Yes, we are young, but we have been helping companies and individuals to be in the digital world for many years with the help of the king of CMS. If you are in Spain for sure we can meet at one of the next WordCamps 😉

What our users say

Professionals tell you about it

And finally, here you have our best ambassadors, the users of Modular. Who tell you why they choose us over the competition to help them improve their maintenance services and get more recurring contracts.

Jaime Gármar

CEO of Destaca SL and host of the podcast ClubWordPress

We manage +100 client websites and with Modular everything is easy, not only because of what it does, but also because of the human support behind it.

Marta Torre

Freelance web developer

I tried Modular because it is a Spanish project and because I saw the design and I liked it a lot. Then I stayed for everything they have and that they listen a lot to users.

Pablo Moratinos

Founder of 3ymedia Comunicación Digital

With Modular I have discovered one of the SaaS that takes into account the feedback of its customers to add new functionalities.

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If you are considering changing MainWP or simply looking for a solution that will help you improve your web maintenance processes and get more customers, Modular is your best option.

You can take advantage of the full potential of a modern and constantly evolving tool by registering for free at this link and connecting up to 10 websites at no cost.Moderna

To help you maximize the benefits of using Modular and get a deeper insight into how to do the maintenance of your WordPress sites, we invite you to visit our WordPress site maintenance guide. With the best practices and tips you’ll find there, you’ll be well prepared to take your website management to the next level.

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