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Hello WC Europe!

And hello Turin! Once you talk to the WP Psychologists, nothing will be the same again.

Treatment financed by WC Europe with a 25% discount for a year. Code WCEU24.
WC Europe Modular DS
Decoracion WC Europe Modular DS
If any of these things happen to you, let us tell you that you are the perfect candidate for our treatment.

You have trouble making clients understand the importance of hiring web maintenance services.

WordPress updates take up a lot of your time.

You’re afraid that a plugin might have a security vulnerability and you wouldn’t find out.

Clients find out before you do that their website is down.

You would love to be able to manage the maintenance of all your websites from one place.
Modular DS is the answer

Modular is a solution that brings happiness, saves you time with maintenance tasks, and improves client relationships so you can get more recurring maintenance contracts.

Dashboard Modular DS EN
Bulk updates modular en
Backups Modular EN
Reports Modular DS
Uptime Monitor Modular EN

A unique dashboard
Manage all your websites from a single place and log in to your WP with 1 click.
Dashboard Modular DS EN

Bulk updates
Update plugins, WP, templates, one or all of them at the same time
Bulk updates modular en

Automates and manages backups
Backups Modular EN

Client reports
Demonstrate the value of your work and win more maintenance contracts.
Reports Modular DS

Uptime monitor
Monitor the status of all your websites and get alerts if they have problems.
Uptime Monitor Modular EN

Over 2,000 agencies and professionals already trust our solution.

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Jaime Gármar
Jaime Gármar
We manage +100 client websites and with Modular everything is easy, not only because of what it does, but also because of the human support behind it.
Marta Torre
Marta Torre
I tried Modular because it is a Spanish project and because I saw the design and I liked it a lot. Then I stayed for everything they have and that they listen a lot to users.
Pablo Moratinos
Pablo Moratinos
With Modular I have discovered one of the SaaS that takes into account the feedback of its customers to add new functionalities.
Sebastian Echevarri Modular Mantenimiento Web
Sebastián Echeverri
I manage the web maintenance for my clients and there is nothing better than being able to control that everything is working correctly from one place.

The revolution of websites.

Put your websites on autopilot.